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Behavioral Assessments

Healthcare Behavioral Assessment Selects The Best Fit

Prophecy Behavioral Assessments identify clinicians with behavioral characteristics that predict high performance, such as integrity and conscientiousness, while flagging potential flaws such as hostility or substance abuse. Using four dimensions of behaviors “personality, attitudes, cognitive, and engagement” this assessment allows you to select the clinician that is best fit for your organization.


The Prophecy Behavioral Personality Assessment is built upon the well accepted “Big 5″ concept of core personality traits and also includes a “Teamwork” scale as well as a “Good Impression” scale. Each specialty and department within a facility have a unique set of personality attributes that work best. With our job specific benchmarking, Prophecy allows you to determine which personality attributes are best suited for the specialty/job that you are hiring for.

Some available personality categories include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • ER Nurse
  • ICU Nurse
  • MedSurg Nurse
  • Nurse Assistant
  • EMT
  • Medical Technician
  • Manager


The Prophecy Behavioral Attitude Assessment measures six areas of potentially counterproductive behaviors by a self-descriptive inventory that taps six substantive areas of concern as well as a Good Impression (validity) scale.

  • Conscientious (Dependability)
  • Hostility (Aggression)
  • Integrity (Honesty)
  • Substance Abuse


There is little question among personnel psychologists that cognitive ability “the ability to process and retain information quickly” is a necessary skill that transcends most jobs. For most jobs there is a range of cognitive ability associated with on-the-job success; a higher level of cognitive ability is not necessarily associated with job success. What matters is the fit with the requirements of the job.


The Prophecy Behavioral Engagement Survey assists you in visualizing the applicants engagement with their chosen specialty and their past and/or future employers.

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