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Psychiatric Technician/Behavioral Health Tech Exam

Prophecy’s Psychiatric Technician/Behavioral Health Tech exam contains competencies that are unique to the Psych Tech/Behavioral Health Tech and will determine clinical competency accordingly.

Psychiatric Technician/Behavioral Health Tech Assessment

The Psychiatric Technician assessment is designed for the psych tech caring for patients in the acute care, behavioral health, and/or outpatient psychiatric setting.   It measures job knowledge for safe patient care, in the following areas:

  • Professional and ethical conduct  when caring for the psychiatric/behavioral health patient population
  • Therapeutic communication
  • Caring for patients with suspected abuse
  • Responses to patients with suicidal thoughts
  • Implementing de-escalation techniques
  • Prioritizing interventions for victims of abuse
  • Signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Safety measures and HIPAA

Important Recommendations

The following mandatory assessments and skills checklists are recommended to accompany the Tele Tech/EKG Rhythms assessment:

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