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Should that new Prophecy user be an admin?

promote to Prophecy admin

Within Prophecy accounts, there are two levels of permissions to help manage privacy of information and email distribution. Over time, the differences between these two user groups can become foggy. So, here is a brief overview of rights all users have and then a list of additional options available to administrators.

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Patient Safety Systems and Events Education Module Now Available

regulatory compliance

In order to be in compliance with the elements of performance for hospitals and healthcare staffing entities, Prophecy has developed a new module called Patient Safety Systems and Events. This new module has been included in Core Mandatory Part II for the orientation and education of staff focusing on understanding the concepts and definitions related to patient safety systems and events.

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Top 5 Perks of Using the Bundle Feature

testing bundles

Prophecy’s bundle feature allows healthcare staffing organizations and healthcare facilities to create groups of required assessments for each clinical specialty. These are the top 5 reasons clients give for why they love this option being available.

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How do you choose which specialties get added to Prophecy’s validated competency exams library?

Image of Exam List

For well over a decade, we’ve focused on growing our exam library to meet the testing needs of our facility and healthcare staffing organization clients. While the validated competency assessments portion of our exam library alone includes 115+ exams spanning 85+ unique clinical specialties, we are not done yet! Our quest to offer clients validated, reliable, pre-hire approved testing for all specialties is still underway.

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Prophecy Healthcare® Launches Charge Nurse Validated 
Competency Exams

validation partner seal-final-01

Held in Wyoming, subject matter experts with combined 45 years’ experience joined Prophecy leaders to create validated content for the new Charge RN exams. Charge nurses play a key role in the successful functioning of the healthcare team. Using exams during the hiring process, with validated content linked to job role responsibilities of healthcare positions, directly correlates to improving quality of patient care.

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Which Dysrhythmia Exam Should I Send My Nurses?

validated rhythm interpretation exams

With Prophecy’s exam library growing to include 7 different rhythm interpretation assessments, knowing which exam to send when can seem a little confusing. In order to clear up questions regarding implementation, I’ve consulted our Clinical Education Team.

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Prophecy Healthcare®, Inc. Unveils Job Analysis Validation Software (SNAP)

Dr. Maren Dolwett Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Prophecy Healthcare®, Inc., the leader in validated online healthcare competency assessments, announces development of new software solution, SNAP – a Job Analysis Validation Software. By consolidating and automating previously independent platforms, SNAP increases efficiency and accuracy, shaving off over 80 hours from Prophecy’s intense content validity test development process.

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Guest Post: Improving Rhythm Reading “Literacy” Impacts Patient Safety

Anne Hackman Consulting Page

Although EKG monitors are complex devices, there are ways to make the transition into basic mastery smoother. EKG interpretation involves understanding some background information on how the heart pumps, how this information is communicated via the monitor, and how to read the results. While true “mastery” is achieved through real clinical practice, a clinician can begin this process by understanding how EKGs are used to visualize the heartbeat through waveforms, intervals, and segments. Anne Hackman, BSN RN MPA, NE-BC’s passion for educating for excellence led to this inspiring and historical overview of how nurse comfort with rhythm interpretations leads to better patient care and safety.

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PR: Prophecy Healthcare© Launches Rhythm Interpretation Education Course

rhythm strip interpretation

Cardiac monitor dependence in health care introduces errors and adverse events potentially avoidable by nurses properly trained on interpreting cardiac rhythm strips. “While alarm fatigue has gained substantial attention over the last few years, monitor dependence, or relying solely on technology, is nearly as detrimental to patient safety,” commented Felicia Sadler, MJ BSN RN CPHQ, Vice President of Quality & Performance. “The same technology believed to improve healthcare efficiency, quality and safety, such as the electrocardiogram, can introduce errors and adverse events when improperly interpreted.”

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Independence Day Holiday Hours

The Prophecy Crew will be spending extra time with family and friends over the weekend! Closed Friday, July 3, 2015.

Please look for any responses to voice messages when we return to the office on Monday. The Prophecy Team wishes everyone a relaxing holiday!

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