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Couldn’t have explained it better myself…Employee Testing Compliance.

You know those times when you are reading an article, or listening to a speaker, and thoughts like “Exactly!” or “I’ve been saying that for years!” keep flooding your mind. Well, that is precisely what happened as I read through Chris Brown’s latest article in the JD Supra Business Advisor, Employee Testing Compliance May Test your Patience. Enjoy these snippets that provide answers to our clients’ top questions regarding the legality of testing applicants pre-hire.

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Medication Administration Changes Prompt New RN Pharmacology Exam

reduce medication errors

Medication administration is one of the most complex and important job duties of registered nurses. The National Patient Safety Foundation (2014) reports that medication errors harm approximately 1.5 million people annually, costing Americans an extra $3.5 billion in medical expenses. There are hundreds of new drugs approved by the FDA each year, in addition to changes in medication administration policies, as a result of new research and evidence-based practice guidelines. As these occur, it is vital that nurses remain knowledgeable and competent in a variety of topics that surround the process of medication administration.

In keeping with these new updates, Prophecy is pleased to announce the launch of new RN Pharmacology clinical assessments today, Thursday, July 31st!

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Can you Calculate Pre-Hire Healthcare Testing ROI?

can you calculate roi question mark

One of the top reasons HR teams loath the task of justifying the use of validated, pre-hire testing is that the ROI can not be put into quantifiable measures.

Or, can it?

Learn our take on this question and register for our August educational webinar to further investigate the issue!

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Prophecy Healthcare® and Cross Country Education Present Intensive Nurse Manager Development Program

Improving leadership skills among Nurse Managers positively affects operational efficiencies, unit morale, patient experiences and clinical outcomes. Prophecy Healthcare®, the leading provider of holistic healthcare assessment tools, and Cross Country Education’s Nurse Manager Boot Camp, developed by Leah Curtin, RN, ScD(h), FAAN, partnered today to assist facilities in maximizing Nurse Manager success. Investing in leadership development of Nurse Managers improves operational efficiencies and communication to fuel superior patient experiences with optimal clinical outcomes.

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New Online Medical Surgical Nurse Competency Exams

It was time to refresh the clinical content of our Medical – Surgical assessments due to changes in evidence based practice, new medications frequently seen in this specialty, and general changes that occur with nursing practice for the population of patients seen in the Medical – Surgical setting. Equipped with LMS integrations for link to learn course remediation, Elsevier and Lippincott clients can benefit from a free integrated feature upgrade.

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Top 4 Uses for Healthcare Competency Parallel Exams

Prophecy Validated Competency Parallel Exams

From retest options, to ideas on professional development, this list incorporates client feedback on their favorite uses of Prophecy’s “A” and “B” versions of the clinical competency exams.

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Healthcare Competency Results Now With Test Item Insight

Test Item Insight with Prophecy Healthcare

A historical review on what’s included on Prophecy’s online competency exam results pages paired with the unveiling of test item insight. Customizing onboarding, suggesting topics for remediation, and developing unit-specific staff education plans has never been easier.

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Top Priority to Healthcare Testing Vendors – Content Security

exam security Prophecy online competency assessments

Testing vendors that value the reliability and validity of the employment-selection process, must take proactive measures to prevent the widespread dissemination of their testing content. Find out some of the precautionary measures we’ve taken to protect the integrity of our assessment results and the trust of our clients.

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Case Study: Fauquier Health Transforms Nurse Retention

Fauquier Logo Improves Nurse Retention with Prophecy

Finding an effective and sustainable solution to attract and retain top nurses was the driving factor in Fauquier Health implementing Prophecy’s holistic hiring assessment tools as the cornerstone in their hiring process. Fauquier looked to Prophecy to assist predict which nurses would provide exceptional patient care to continue enhancing the facility’s Planetree model of personalize care.

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$1M Settlement – Competency Tests Not Properly Validated for Hiring

$1 million settlement for hiring discrimination

Lincoln Electric agreed to a $1 Million settlement surrounding the allegations of hiring discrimination on the basis of race following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. The compliance officer found Lincoln Electric’s post-application tests were not properly supported by a validation study that satisfies the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

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