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Can Prophecy’s assessments evaluate competencies of new graduate RN’s?

Competency Assessment New Graduating RNsYes! Prophecy assessments are written and validated, including the new grad population to ensure that there is no adverse impact to this group. Prophecy assessments can assist in the selection of the best RN new grads coming out of school and into the workforce.

Prophecy clinical competencies are written to measure the minimum job knowledge necessary in each discipline, to ensure safe and effective patient care. For new grads, most facilities typically administer the medical surgical exam as well as an RN Pharmacology exam, to measure the baseline knowledge of the clinician prior to hiring. The Prophecy pharmacology test for nurses assists in reducing medication errors frequently caused by dosage and calculation errors. Some facilities even choose to administer specialty specific assessments such as ER, Critical Care Exams, and EKG testing to determine where the new grad would need specific education prior to working in those areas.

By administering the Situational assessment, facilities are better able to determine the nurses level of interpersonal/communication skills needed to develop patient and peer relationships, as well as increase patient satisfaction. This assessment is also validated for new-grads, and is looking at basic interpersonal skills correlated to high performance such as change adaptation, critical thinking, resolving conflict, and prioritization.

Lastly, by using the Behavioral assessment, facilities can distinguish those new grad nurses that have the engagement level, cognitive reasoning, and drive to really stay and grow with an organization. Prophecy Healthcare Behavioral assessments, once completed, even allow you to match a new grad’s personality attributes:

  • Extroversion/Introversion
  • Conscientiousness
  • Conventional
  • Stability (Calm/Stress Resistant vs Anxious/Sensitive)
  • Tough Minded (Direct/Determined vs. Cooperative/Agreeable)
  • Team Work

…to see which department/discipline the new grad may be a best fit for down the road- helping to lead the nurse to an area where he/she is likely to get the most satisfaction out of his/her job. Afterall, happy nurses typically lead to happier patients. With HCAHPS scores limiting hospital reimbursement, the timing could not be better for ensuring quality patient care and satisfaction.

Please let us know if we can help in any way with deciding which assessments will work best for the new graduate RN’s your organization is thinking of placing. Everyone deserves a good start, so let’s work together to increase the likelihood of your new grads fitting in well with the specialty area and organizational atmosphere your veterans are accustomed to enjoying.

Happy testing!

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