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Client Testimonials

We have used the Prophecy assessments mainly for hiring this past year. It has been extremely helpful with filtering only the top quality candidates into our interview process. This is extremely important in these times as hospital reimbursement is limited based on HCAHPS scores.“Prophecy has definitely sped up the hiring process and reduced costs. All nurses interviewing with the Clinical Staffing Solutions department complete the suite of Prophecy assessments. Since implementation we have realized a 95% retention rate of new hires.“The most crucial benefit from using Prophecy’ assessments is the time saved by streamlining our hiring process. The fact that candidates can take the tests at home has helped. Prophecy has worked well as a pre-hire assessment tool as the system has strengthened our ability to hire better nurses.

Donna Stubbs, Nurse Manager

Years ago we made the decision to make measuring clinical competencies one of the top factors in hiring experienced healthcare staff. Since March of 2005 we have felt confident in our hiring, knowing our clinical staff have passed Prophecy’s exams that have been nationally validated, and cannot be found posted on the Internet and / or job boards.

Eric Frehe, Chief Operations Officer

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center has been using Prophecy since February 2012 and so far we really like it! It has made the onboarding process with our experienced nurses so much more streamlined and has allowed us to identify areas of learning need for their unit-orientation. This is so much better than our paper and pencil tests!

Caitlin Nye, Clinical Nurse Educator

Prophecy Healthcare has been a tremendous asset for us when onboarding candidates to ensure competency in their area of specialty. In addition, offering the immediate, online scoring of TJC required education modules makes them easy for candidates to complete in a timely fashion. Being able to complete requirements on their own time is certainly a value-add that we are proud of. Our clients are also aware that Prophecy provides nationally validated tests, which adds peace of mind, knowing that we provide quality, competent staff.Upon special request, Prophecy’s Support Team collaborated with us to develop Spanish education modules for our international candidates and employees. This enabled us to provide the same level of quality and excellence across international borders.

Grace Paranzino, EdD, RN, CHES, FAAOHN I Chief Clinical Officer

Prophecy has revolutionized our application process allowing us to more effectively filter top candidates in a timely manner. Our previous testing methods were much more cumbersome for applicants to complete and less efficient and accurate for us to evaluate. Prophecy’s test are second to none which has allowed us to better filter the highest quality candidates. Plus the tests automatically sync with our database helping streamline the application process; something that was instrumental in helping us achieve Joint Commission Certification. Overall, Prophecy has allowed for increased convenience for both our candidates and our company and has contributed to a 50% increase in hire rate since implementation.

Kenny Kadar, Strategic Planning & Operations Manager

Catholic Health just started using Prophecy at the beginning of 2011. The Trainers and everyone involved have been on their game and very helpful with our questions and concerns. I would recommend them without hesitation.

JoAnn Cavanaugh

Prophecy has streamlined our hiring process, allowing applicants to get to work quicker. Prophecy’s Clinical exams are nationally validated so, I feel confident that we are hiring quality healthcare professionals. Prophecy Clinical Assessments has also simplified the process for updating annual competency requirements. Our employees can complete their requirements online at a time that fits into their hectic schedule.

Rich Benvenuto, President

Prophecy Healthcare has played a major role in assisting ADEX Medical Staffing in becoming a major employer of choice through reducing turnover, improving client and employee satisfaction, and helping to assure we have the most qualified employees possible. The staff at Prophecy believes in customer satisfaction and it is evident in dealing with them on a day to day basis. They are truly invested in making sure your company presents the best candidates possible.

Jim Shoemaker, Director of Nursing Service


Our providers have commented on how great the education modules were, as well as helpful. They were taken aback that our company would even consider taking out the time to consider helping to educate its personnel and how easy it was to access the lessons. So, we are on board and making you part of our company’s growth and development one leap at a time.

Christina Harp, BS, MPAS, PA-C, Executive Officer