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Pre-Hire Healthcare Testing


Clinical Competency: Evaluate Likelihood of Safe & Effective Patient Care

Measuring the candidate’s skill level in their specialty is more important than ever. As a health care or staffing director, you need to ensure that the professionals you hire have the latest skills and knowledge, as well as the critical thinking capabilities required of their positions. After all, the professionals you hire will be representing your organization.

Prophecy Clinical Assessments follow the Department of Labor Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and are approved for use as a pre-hire screening tool. You receive instant results that show your candidate’s score and national rank as well as their rank within your facility.

Advantages of Using Clinical Assessments

  • Nationally Validated Exam Content!
  • Up-to-date, continual monitoring by Prophecy’s Clinical Team.
  • Reduced liability resulting from skill deficiencies.
  • Focus the interview and on-boarding process around each clinician’s skill set.
  • Web-based model allows for on-site or off-site testing, with immediate results.
  • 180+ assessments targeting the vital hard skills of each clinical specialty.

Prophecy Clinical Assessments identify caregivers with sufficient job knowledge to perform successfully by targeting the most important aspects of each clinical specialty.

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