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Clinical Competency Testing

Clinical Competency Testing Using the NurseTesting.com Library

clinical competency testing sets clinician profile out from the pack

Clinical Assessments by Prophecy, formerly known as NurseTesting.com, encompass an extensive exam library. These clinical competency assessments include OSHA and Joint Commission mandatories, nursing and allied assessments, as well as clinical skills checklists.

Measuring the candidate’s skill level in their specialty is more important than ever. Each employee you place in a facility represents your organization. So, you need to ensure that the professionals you hire have the latest skills and knowledge, as well as the critical thinking capabilities required of their positions.

Clinical Assessments by Prophecy, formerly NurseTesting.com, offers 225+ assessments spanning the most common clinical specialties, identifying professionals with sufficient job knowledge to perform successfully.

Advantages of Using Clinical Assessments

  • Reduce liability resulting from skill deficiencies.
  • Focus on recruiting clinicians, not on grading exams.
  • Web-based model allowing for on-site or off-site testing.
  • Nationally Validated Exam Content!

Prophecy Clinical Assessments provide testing solutions
for more than just nurses!

  • RN, LPN, and CNA
    • e.g. Critical Care, Cardiac Cath Lab, RN Pharmacology, NICU, Telemetry, Medical-Surgical
    • Each assessment is immediately scored, providing you with a results page that can be used as part of their profile, helping to set your nurses apart.
  • Allied Health
    • e.g. CT Scan Tech, PT, OT, Rad Tech/X-Ray Tech, Phlebotomy, Ultrasound Technologist
  • Home Care
    • e.g. Clinical, Medication, Wound Care, Pediatric Ventilator, Vent/Trach Management
  • Mandatories
    • e.g. National Patient Safety Goals, Joint Commission Requirements, Advanced Care Planning, HIPAA, Fire Safety, Ethics, OSHA
  • Skills Checklists
    • We offer skills checklists for all clinical specialties. Each skills checklist highlights the years of proficiency and frequency with which your nurse has experience with key job competencies.

The Prophecy approach offers two other assessment tools: Behavioral Assessments and Situational Assessments. Although your organization can have access to all three pieces, the option exists to solely implore the Clinical Assessments piece.

Our Prophecy team offers a quick, 20 minute presentation on validation, best practices, and how Prophecy Clinical Assessments can be utilized as a staffing agency. Contact our team today to schedule your brief presentation, or to learn more about the Prophecy Assessments.

For more information on Prophecy Assessments, contact our Prophecy team today.