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Consulting Testimonials

“During our 5 years of being a Joint Commission Certified Healthcare Staffing Agency, we have found that as soon as auditors see we are using Prophecy Healthcare as our testing vendor, they say they know our standards have not only met, but exceeded industry expectations.”
Eric Frehe, Chief Operations Officer
Registry Network, Inc.

“PHP engaged the services of Prophecy consulting in order to prepare for its Joint Commission Certification. We were absolutely delighted with the level of service and attention that we received. The consultants were extremely knowledgeable of the Joint Commission requirements and provided an invaluable amount of support prior to us gaining the Joint Commission Gold Seal of approval. PHP passed the review and did not receive any recommendations from the Joint Commission auditor on how any of our policies or procedures could be improved. I would certainly recommend Prophecy Professional Services to any healthcare staffing company considering Joint Commission certification.”
Charles Eales, President
Premier Healthcare Professionals

“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Prophecy Professional Services for the exceptional service provided in helping us achieve Joint Commission certification. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness delivered to our organization during this process. Our consultant created a comfortable and engaging posture with our entire team during all communication experiences. She was very responsive and professional to all requests made by our organization.”

“Shifting the entire RN responsibility to the PPS program was probably the best decision I have made. Our PPS consultant handles all of our clinical interviews, clinical incidents and works with our staff and external workforce as though she is an RN Specialties employee. She is sharp, smart, dedicated and efficient. She works with our nurses and facility clients, and in every instance, the client feedback relating to her professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness is overwhelmingly positive. From Joint Commission accreditation to Clinical Oversite support, RN & Allied Specialties strongly recommends using Prophecy Professional Services.”
Andrew J Lamberson, President

“Prophecy Professional Services…
- Cost of Joint Commission Certification… about $5000
- Potential cost of failing the first time and having to re-apply… another $5000
- Hiring an EXPERIENCED consultant with a 100% success rate… PRICELESS!!!”
Jason Leverant,
VP Medical Sales@WORK Medical Services

“Whenever we decided to become Joint Commission certified we knew it would be a big project. While we had every confidence that we worked hard to provide an outstanding service and ‘follow the rules’ it was still a little intimidating. Prophecy’s consultant came in and was extremely knowledgeable and organized. She made the process manageable and it was just an overall great experience. We were well prepared to become certified which we achieved without difficulty.”
Carol Robison, Founder & CEO
Robison Medical Resource Group

“We made it!! We are very glad we had Prophecy to help guide us through the process. Our consultant was very patient with our many questions and time constraints. She was extremely knowledgeable and was always prompt in her responses, which is something we greatly appreciated. I’m so impressed with the professionalism, expediency and communication that has been conducted by Prophecy Professional Services. As an owner I appreciate people who have the type of dedication that makes a company stand out.”
Jerome Daniel, President
Remede Consulting Group