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Customized Training

Customized Training by Prophecy Healthcare

Prophecy Consultants offer an option for seamless integration of the Prophecy system into your organization. Insure implementation of best practices for both pre-hire assessing and incumbent staff evaluation to maximize the effectiveness of your Prophecy system.

Could your organization benefit from expert assistance with

  • Standardizing interview techniques and hiring processes organization-wide?
  • Increasing confidence in hiring the most qualified candidates for your clinical specialties?
  • Customizing unit based staff development programs?
  • Developing customized orientation programs and individualized educational development plans?
  • Observing an authentic ROI for HR efforts?
  • Increasing confidence in decisions related to transfers, promotions and development of
    employee career paths
  • Demonstrating 100% compliance with Federal requirements if ever audited by the OFCCP or DOL?
  • Creating facility benchmarks based upon incumbent workforce data?

The Prophecy system compliments research requirements for Magnet designation. In addition, data pulled from Prophecy allows for a comparative review of prophecy assessment results and HCAHPS scores.

Training Programs

Prophecy Consultants customize training programs to meet your organizational needs. We know your facility is unique from any other, so why should our training options be any different?

From virtual, web-based options to onsite workshops, our consultants tailor training arrangements to insure a level of comfort and proficiency with the system prior to conclusion.

Benefits of a Face-to Face Training Approach

Personal interaction with Prophecy’s Consultants creates a classroom-type communication/dialogue, which benefits everyone involved. Allow our consultants to become your education advocate across these departments:

  • Human Resources – discussing best practices/policies and implementation/roll out to assist with placement of new graduates, transfers, or hires
  • Nursing Leadership – discussing assessment results and interview questions to increase confidence in hiring the most qualified candidates
  • Nursing Education – learning how to create unit specific educational and staff development plans from Prophecy’s data

Over the span of 2-3 days, Prophecy’s Consultants conducts multiple sessions to ensure all users are educated on interpreting the Prophecy Scorecard to select the “best fit” candidates for your facility. With a final review of your account settings, our team leaves confident that your team is ready to glean the comprehensive results for reporting and benchmarking studies in the future.

Contact one of our nationally experienced RN executives to get more information on
customizing your organization’s implementation & training of Prophecy today!