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Holistic Nurse Testing

With multiple applicants per job opening, how do you maximize your resources spending time with
the most qualified applicants?

Prophecy hoslitic nurse testing

Assessing beyond job skills/competencies in caregiver placement is becoming an industry norm. Interviewing alone in attempts to gauge a clinician’s innate behavior leaves room for non-standardized and biased decision-making.

Objectively looking into a caregiver’s personality, attitude, cognitive abilities, and job engagement using a standardized test helps minimize these discrepancies.

Create Nurse Competency Benchmarks

Prophecy’s validated scoring practices rank your applicants against benchmarks, indicating which of your applicants are most qualified and the best fit for the department you are hiring for. Foresight into how each clinician will act in tough situations, before they are a part of your organization, can save time and resources later dealing with lackluster behavior.

For organizations wishing to utilize specific selection procedures, (i.e. assessments) during an applicant screening and hiring process, Prophecy Healthcare is your BEST choice in providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to your pre-employment testing.

Challenges of Traditional Testing

Prophecy addresses challenges of traditional testing, which often miss vital competencies that are important to success such as:

  • engagement level
  • personality fit
  • interpersonal/teamwork skills
  • change adaptation
  • critical thinking

As HCAHPS scores continue to drive reimbursement based on quality of care and patient satisfaction, hiring the right nurse to represent your organization is more important than ever. So, increase your likelihood of qualifying for optimal reimbursements by utilizing a system shown to improve both patient satisfaction and outcomes.

To learn more about the Prophecy holistic approach to clinical competency testing, contact our client support team today.

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