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2015 Joint Commission Education Modules Now Available

2014 Core release launch date prophecy

Stay current on national standards in healthcare employee education! Clients now have access to the 2015 Core Mandatories and National Patient Safety Goal’s.

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The Rainbow Effect: Color Vision Deficiency Decreases Patient Safety?

color vision healthcare testing

Color vision plays a significant role in people’s lives every day, but people take it for granted. 20% to 30% of people who are colorblind don’t know it. Healthcare employees could acquire a deficiency and the healthcare facility would never know, which endangers patients’ safety.

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2013 Core Mandatory & NPSG Clinical Assessments Now Available

Online Healthcare Competency Validation Seal

Prophecy’s Clinical Team has come through right on schedule! Clients now have access to the 2013 Core Mandatories and National Patient Safety Goal’s from the “Send Exams” screen. This release includes 2013 updates for Joint Commission education modules and OSHA required testing as well as the 2013 National Patient Safety goals broken down into three versions – Nursing, Allied Health, and Non-licensed to match each caregiver’s specialty.

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Personal Story on Importance of Hand Washing

importance of hand washing

In honor of National Hand Washing Week – December 4-10, 2012 – our Director of Client Experience, Melissa Spangler, MBA, shares a personal story and interesting stats on the proper way to wash those germs away! In the midst of flu season, one cannot be reminded enough of the importance of lathering up to fight off the ever present viruses.

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Using Prophecy Assessments for Internal Transfers

internal transfer assessments

One great way of reducing this turnover rate, while saving recruitment costs is to allow existing employees to transfer to other openings within the facility. Offering available positions to nurses desiring to grow within the organization will not only minimize turnover rates but reduce recruitment costs. This does come with its own unique set of challenges when determining best fit for a particular unit/department.

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2011 Revised NPSG Medication Reconciliation Effective 7/1/11

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 10.43.13 AM

The Joint Commission Board of Commissioners has approved the National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) on the reconciliation of medication information. This revision will go into effect July 1, 2011. The NPSG.08.01.01 has been under review since the second quarter of 2010 and was pending input received from the field. The NPSG.08.01.01 will now be under […]

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Study Guide vs. No Study Guide: What is the Reasoning?

study_guide Prophecy online competency test

One question that tops the FAQs for NurseTesting.com is – Can you send me a study guide for that exam? Learn the reasoning behind why certain exams either do, or do not, come complete with a manual.

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