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Top 5 Reasons Staffing Agencies Use Personality & Interpersonal Skills Testing

Facilities can no longer afford to fill open positions on job knowledge alone. Reimbursements are tightly tied to the “Value of the Patient Care Experience.” And, travelers play an integral part of positively or negatively impacting the experience. Check out these 5 reasons why every pre-hire process should include behavioral and interpersonal skills testing.

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$1M Settlement – Competency Tests Not Properly Validated for Hiring

$1 million settlement for hiring discrimination

Lincoln Electric agreed to a $1 Million settlement surrounding the allegations of hiring discrimination on the basis of race following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. The compliance officer found Lincoln Electric’s post-application tests were not properly supported by a validation study that satisfies the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

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Just a Matter of Time for Healthcare – Hiring Discrimination Settlement Tops $2.2M

Audit checklist on a desk

By now, everyone involved in the hospital sector should be feeling the effects of the expanded jurisdiction of the OFCCP, awarded mid-2013. Regulatory audits have become far more exhaustive leaving no portion of the hiring process unexplored. What steps does your hospital have in place to minimize discrepancies in the hiring process? Signs point towards the hospital sector being highly likely to make headlines on the next record breaking hiring discrimination payout.

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Google’s Interview Study Supports Prophecy’s Behavioral Assessments


“What works well are structured behavioral interviews, where you have a consistent rubric for how you assess people, rather than having each interviewer just make stuff up.” (Bock) Implementing a standardized behavioral interview organization-wide strengthens hiring. It removes biased decision-making and opens the right doors for questions that can save your organization from hiring mistakes.

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How Prophecy is Like The Andy Griffith Show

andy griffith and barney

Sit back and relax as Prophecy’s Vice President of Quality & Performance, Felicia Sadler, MJ BSN RN CPHQ, walk us down memory lane telling the story of How Prophecy is Like The Andy Griffith Show.

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The True Cost of Turnover

cost of turnover in healthcare

Even the best laid plans for change, can fail without the buy-in of employees. Change in human resource hiring tools, both good and bad, disrupts the day-to-day routine.

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New Assessments on the Winter Horizon

Online Healthcare Competency Validation Seal

The 4th quarter of 2012 has been a busy one for the clinical and validation teams at Prophecy this year! We are fired up to let you in on some exciting news – drum roll please….There will be three new clinical assessments added to our extensive exam library over the next three months! Read this article to find out about our General Ultrasound Technologist, updated Labor & Delivery, and Clinical Nurse Manager assessments coming soon to a Prophecy account near you!

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What benefits do clients see from using Prophecy?

Prophecy Client Realized Benefits

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the top benefits our clients attribute to using Prophecy’s online healthcare competency testing system – reducing turnover, streamlining hiring process, hiring better nurses, lowering recruitment costs, improving workforce performance, personalizing orientation development, and increased patient satisfaction.

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Top 5 Ways Healthcare Staffing Agencies Can Help Prepare Employees for Placement Exams

broken hurdle

For many staffing agencies, the final hurdle that stands between a new hire and their placement is testing. Although you want to steer clear of the liability exposure of unqualified applicants, in a perfect world you are hoping they all pass their assessments with flying colors. So, take a few extra minutes to mention these 5 tips and you may just see those passing rates on the rise!

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Does Prophecy have an Online Telemetry Exam?


From looking at Prophecy’s Exam list, people wonder if we offer a Telemetry exam. Our assessment list does include a “Telemetry” Skills Checklist while our “Telemetry” exam was renamed in the Summer of 2010 to reflect the specialty focus of nurses in the Cardiac Progressive Care and Med/Surg Telemetry Combo Units.

Here is an explanation of which Prophecy assessments are designed to test the competencies of nurses specializing in the Cardiac Telementry setting or Med Surg/Tele combo area.

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