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Top 3 Validation Questions to Ask Online Nursing Assessment Vendors

With over 6 years experience in providing online nursing assessments for the healthcare industry, the Prophecy Team has answered a multitude of questions regarding testing caregivers online. One common theme for questions surrounds the validity of our assessments.

The following three questions top the charts of those posed by organizations either looking to transition into online competency testing or those in the market to switch their competency testing provider. Prophecy Healthcare recommends asking these three questions of any online competency testing vendor your organization may be considering!

1) How often are your online nursing assessments statistically analyzed and reviewed for content with respect to changes in clinical practice?

Our validated exams are reviewed at least annually, reviewing certain statistical metrics, such as overall reliability, differential item functioning, item difficulty levels, point biserial values, and overall adverse impact. At times, the assessments are reviewed on a more frequent basis, such as when standards of care change according to organizations such as AACN, ENA, etc. We also review each assessment and individual items whenever we receive correspondence from a client or health care professional about the content contained in a particular assessment.

2) If we are challenged on validity of your nurse competency exams, what part do you play?

If an organization is challenged on the validity of exams from the Prophecy Healthcare library, we will provide our clients with the support documentation on our validation process for the particular assessment or group of assessments that is called into question. Our technical report provides specific details about the job analysis and test plan development workshops that took place in creating such assessment(s).

3) Has the validity of your exams ever been challenged, and did it stand up in the courts?

Prophecy assessments compliant with EEOC

The validity of our exams has not been challenged in a court of law to date. We do, however, have all the necessary documentation, including job analysis reports that demonstrate how our exams were developed using the methodology as recommended by the Dept of Labor in the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

Prophecy Healthcare, formerly Amistaff Healthcare Technology, holds an exclusive healthcare partnership with Biddle Consulting Group, the leaders in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action (AA), and Personnel Selection consulting and software. Their leadership in the test validation and assessment development market assists Prophecy in providing analytics, metrics and benchmarks to our clients ensuring the assessments meet all Federal requirements.

Although these are the top 3 questions posed to the Prophecy Team, feel free to ask any other questions in the comments section below. We will get an answer to you ASAP! Or, contact us via our Support Form or call 877-PRE-HIRE.

Validation of online nursing assessments is not a decision to take lightly. No question is a bad question….so ask on!

Ensure your commitment to quality patient care…test before you invest!
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